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11 Places In The World No One Dares to Visit

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:20 pm
by Bonny
The world is full of sights and phenomena that inspire awe, wonder and marvel at the onlooker. From cascading waterfalls to endless deserts that leaves people captivated, there is something for everyone.

But allegedly hidden away from prying are certain wonders that people like you and I will never see. Whether it is secret rooms or secret islands, there are laws and restrictions in place and the message is clear: STAY OUT…OR ELSE!! Here are 11 places that you will only ever hear about:

1. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican


An independent state within a city, the Vatican lies nestled in the City of the Seven Hills. With magnificent cathedrals and palaces, it is the seat of the Catholic Church and home to its spiritual leader – the Pope. But lurking beneath this stunning edifices are secrets, archives, state papers, correspondence, account books along with many significant documents that the church doesn’t want you to see. Only certain highly qualified scholars have ever gained access to these secret rooms.