13 Types Of Colleagues We All Wish To Have At Work

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13 Types Of Colleagues We All Wish To Have At Work

Postby Ananth Vithlani » Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:12 am


It's no surprise that we end up spending a good part of our day--all 8.5 hours of it, more if you consider travel time--at work.

There are days when the monotony and routine get to us and we don't feel like even getting out of bed. But even then we manage to drag ourselves out and finally make it work.

The thing about work is, it's isn't the morning coffee or chai that makes our day. It's that one colleague that brightens up the room with their energy. Be it the way they smile, wish good morning or share some sweet anecdotes. There's also that person who always brings amazing food and never hesitates to share it with you.

These are guys, I feel, haven't got their due. These are guys who are heroes for us office-goers. These are the guys who deserve a mention.

Because, in all honesty, work would feel like a prison term if we didn't have these people around. And thank God for them.

On that note, here are 13 types of colleagues we all wish to have at work.
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