Taapsee: In Delhi we've a cool, relaxed life

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Taapsee: In Delhi we've a cool, relaxed life

Postby Sify » January 9th, 2018, 1:42 pm


It's been more than three years since Taapsee Pannu moved to Mumbai from Delhi, but the actor still finds the pace of life in Millennium City to be a bit too fast.

"Life is too fast here and people are always rushing," she says. "Everyone has come to Mumbai, at least in the areas we live in, to work. In Delhi, we have a cool and relaxed life. Sundays feel like Sundays. But in Mumbai, if I am not doing something, then I feel that there is something missing. However, I enjoyed my life there. Besides, I love the food in Delhi. In fact I am happy that I am not in Delhi, because when I am there, no one can stop me from eating (laughs)."

The actor may miss Delhi, but she intends on staying here for a long time - Taapsee recently bought a new apartment in Mumbai, and will soon be shifting base to her new spacious house.

She says, "I found the place all by myself. I had some criteria for getting a house. I didn't want a standalone building and Mumbai is cluttered with those. I am from Delhi, where we have societies and mohallas, and we are used to living in places where you have a neighbourhood, and you can sit together in the evenings. That's the culture there. I was looking for a place that feels like home."

Talking about her priorities while she's shopping for a property, Taapsee says, "I needed to have a spacious balcony, which is a rarity in Mumbai. Also, the lobby areas in apartments here are so small. I can't deal with claustrophobic places. I don't want to know what is happening in the next apartment and I don't want them to know what is happening in mine. Mumbai's also a coastal city, so the buildings start looking old very soon. I didn't want that as well. So, a huge lobby, great ventilation, and well-lit interiors were important. It took time to find a house [that I liked], but I am happy I found one."

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