Parineeti: Dibakar is insanely good and talented..

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Parineeti: Dibakar is insanely good and talented..

Postby vivek » November 13th, 2017, 9:29 am


Parineeti Chopra sat with us for an interview:

You are working with Dibakar Banerjee for the first time. How has the experience been till now?

Arjun and I used to have an inside joke between us that one day; we would sign a Dibakar Banerjee film! In fact, we used to talk about that a lot during the shoot of Ishaqzaade (2012). But never did we dream that destiny would play out in such an unbelievable manner that the next film we sign together would be a Dibakar Banerjee film. 7 Things That You Need To Hear Today

Right now, Dibakar is one of the most talented directors around...

It goes without saying that Dibakar is insanely good and talented. He is very bright and also a wonderful human being. He is very clear about the characters in his film. So, it has been a blast shooting with him. Also, I guess destiny always has its plans and though it feels weird, I always feel that it was a great moment of serendipity when the offer came. We (Arjun and her) are very happy.

Dibakar has a track record of presenting his heroines in a unique manner...

Yes, I am excited that my character is the heroine of a Dibakar's film. She has her quirks; will stand out for her qualities and intentions (smiles). I have never played such a character and I'm extremely excited that Dibakar is presenting me in an avatar that no one has ever seen me in before.

Is it true that your character is of an extremely ambitious girl?

Yes, I'm playing a fiercely ambitious girl from the corporate world. She is the perfect example of how you would describe a girl who has a single point focus on her career. She is based in Delhi and is extremely clear of what she wants from life.

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