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11 Dying People Leave Life Advices For The Living

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11 Dying People Leave Life Advices For The Living

Postby Rekha » March 13th, 2018, 6:58 am

Benjamin Franklin once famously said that nothing in this world was certain except death and taxes. It is the one inevitability we all must face. There is a story we are told as children where a woman approached Lord Buddha and asks him to bring her dead son back to life. He agrees, on condition that she find a home in her village where no one has died. She goes from door to door searching but finds no one. She realises then that those who are born, must die. What’s important is not to live forever, but to do right by this life

In what a lot of people are seeing as one of the most profound threads on Quora, many people who are terminally ill have shared f advice for the living on living.

1. Be grateful for past


“No matter what stage of life you are in, you are in the process of dying” writes
Michael Rogers. He emphasises that we do not know what’s going to happen next or what will happen when we die - we just don’t know. So why not embrace everything that comes your way?

He urges everyone to live in the moment. Appreciate your life, the people in it, this incredible universe and the opportunities to explore the unknown you have been granted.

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