Sonakshi: Enjoying best of both worlds!

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Sonakshi: Enjoying best of both worlds!

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Sonakshi Sinha's last release Ittefaq received a positive response for its content and the storyline without being extensively promoted unlike other feature films in today's day and age.

The actor, who has been playing versatile roles, is making sure that she offers something new to audiences with every film she signs.

Did you anticipate the response that Ittefaq received?

These kind of films are so rarely attempted that we didn't know what to expect. All I can say is that as a team we were very happy when we saw how the film turned out. All of us were content and knew that a good film will always get the right kind of appreciation and that's what happened. It's a great feeling.

Are you game to take up more murder mysteries? What other genres would you like to attempt?

Why not? If the role excites me I would attempt the genre again. Otherwise, I think an out-and-out romcom is something that I've wanted to do for the longest time. Something on the lines of Jab We Met (2007) or You've Got Mail (1998).

Your next is a stage reality film. Are you consciously signing films that are different and don't fall in the so-called commercial entertainers space?

I am knowingly taking up roles that challenge me in some way or the other. Now whether that falls in the category of a commercial potboiler or any other category, I am okay to do it. I feel like I've struck a good balance between the two and I'm enjoying the best of both worlds. Good roles are what matter to me now.

At this stage, what are the challenges you face as an actor?

I try not be repetitive, reinvent with every role I choose, and to make the audience look at me with a different perspective. These are challenges that I try to live up to with every film.

How much does success and failure affect you?

As much as I let it. I am a positive person so I try to learn from every experience - good or bad. I also believe that failure teaches a person a lot more than success does. So, it's an important part of life. Everyone must go through it to appreciate success more.

Do you mourn the failure of a film or is it easy for you to detach?

As cold as it sounds, it's easy for me to detach. Everyone associated with a film wants it to do well, but certain things are beyond your control. Once the film releases it belongs to the audience and they are free to do what they choose to with it. I believe that you shouldn't lose sleep over things you can't control.

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