I love being vocal, says Anurag Kashyap

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I love being vocal, says Anurag Kashyap

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He is not the one to mince words so when people call film maker Anurag Kashyap as the one of the most outspoken celebs on social media pat comes the reply, “I love being vocal...”

“I love this title and for me I just say what I feel at that particular moment and then forget and move on. People have this habit on holding on to opinions but I don’t because I believe in right to speech. Like I don’t like the way censorship works in our industry. It needs to be more film maker friendly. So what’s the harm in saying so. If this is being vocal then so be it,” says Kashyap.

The Gangs of Wasseypur (GoW) director was in Lucknow with Anand L Rai, Vineet K Singh, Zoya Hussain, Jimmy Shergill and Ravi Kishan for promotion of their upcoming film Mukkabaaz.

Anurag like other cast and crew including, Vinnet, Zoya and Jimmy belongs to UP and always finds the connect right away.

“I love shooting in UP. When we filmed GoW it was tough to shoot and bringing in actors to the location was difficult. Security was a big issue but today it is the most shooting-friendly state in the country. And for me it is my home. I love coming back to the place. Even this film has been extensively shot in Bareilly and Varanasi,” he says.

Jimmy too adds, “Yes coming to Lucknow and UP is so much fun. It’s like a child coming back to his home from boarding school. When I was studying in Lucknow there was nothing beyond Golf Club but today everything is in Gomti Nagar. This is a big change,” says the actor who plays a boxer and the protagonist’s first coach in the film.

Speaking about the film, Kashyap says “When Vineet came up with the story it didn’t click to me immediately. I asked Vineet to give me a true story of his life. What I found interesting in the script was the one sequence of a guy trying to get a job. I was interested in it but if I had to do a film I would need to do my own research. I couldn’t take away the story from Vineet but I told him I’d do the film only if he becomes a boxer. Vineet was zapped and he uttered just one word-HOW? I said train, and he started training in Mumbai. Then I told him not to do filmi training but to become a hardcore boxer. There are no boxing choreographers, action directors in the film. He is fighting real boxers.”

The team hopes that their film brings that big change in the sports scenario of the country.

The main lead Vineet, who plays a boxer says, “The sports scene is bad in the country and this film is our small step towards bringing in a big change. Though change is happening but not at a right speed.”

The main plot of the film is a love story, says Kashyap and adds “It is love story of struggling boxer and a girl who is mute. I wanted to create a mute character. For me, Sunaina (the heroine) is a metaphor for women in UP. They hear everything but don’t speak up. Here Zoya went for a hardcore training in sign language too. Because I believe in my characters to be real always,” says the director who adds with confidence that his all time favourites are Manoj Bajpayee, Nawazuddin and Radhika Apte because they share relation of mutual trust.

On being asked what he enjoys more acting, directing, producing or writing, the GOW maker says, “For me directing takes the cake. I’m always a director though writing comes easy once I go in my shell but acting is something I don’t like at all. My recent stint short film Churri was on Tisca’s (Chopra) behest else I’m a happy director.”

Mukkabaaz is being produced by Tanu weds Manu famed maker Anand L Rai, who currently is basking in the success of his new film Zero’s trailer with superstar SRK.

“I want to do all type of cinema. This was a great concept when Anurag came up with the idea. We discussed it for 15 minutes and the film was on roll. For me it is all about bringing in the right connect with people,” he adds.

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