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Is Working Over The Weekend The New Normal?

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Is Working Over The Weekend The New Normal?

Postby vivek » January 9th, 2018, 2:11 pm

If you often find yourself working on a weekend, and your friends and family are constantly cribbing about how pathetic your work life is, well, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people who work over the weekend, and just like you, they pretty much hate it. For some people, working hours and days are not fixed. That's just how their jobs are and therefore, they don't really get to pick the days they can take a break. But what's surprising is that people who do have the choice to work on their own terms - the number of working days and hours in a day - don't necessarily make a conscious choice to not work over weekends. Ever wondered why?


Is Working Over The Weekend New Normal?

As if working throughout the week isn’t enough, we have now put ourselves in jobs that actually treat working over the weekends normal. There are different dynamics to each job, and while some require you to work from home, some require you to actually come to the office and work over the weekends. If you look at it technically, we work pretty much all day, every day except for the time when we are sleeping. We take up five days a week job, we commit ourselves to it and when we are asked to go that extra mile and work on the weekends. We don't question it, thinking it might help us take a lead in this competitive world. Guess what? That's exactly what has made working over the weekend the new normal.

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